Monday, September 14, 2009

We Need a Video Tutoring Web Site

I am currently investigating development of a grant proposal. Possibly to the NSF regarding their program titled “Moving Forward To Improve Engineering Education” ( Although, our ace librarian says that other sources may be easier.

I would like to develop a tutoring web site featuring mostly videos of how to do various academic tasks. To illustrate this concept, the following are examples of the type of videos or written notes that could be found on this site:
  • How to convert numbers between binary and decimal
  • How to connect to a database in Java, Python or C++
  • How to write Unix shell scripts
  • How to site references in a paper
  • How to factor a polynomial
  • How to use matrix arithmetic to solve a system of simultaneous equations
  • How to prepare a resume
  • How to use research databases available from the library
  • How to bias a transistor
  • How to program a PLC
  • How to operate surveying equipment
Struggling students could look at these videos as a form of tutoring. This concept is inspired with the knowledge that current students tend to be visual learners that desire video to help them learn, but few educational video resources are available. An existing model of this type of web site, but with a more narrow focus is

Having such a resource would be an asset to K-State at Salina's recruiting and retention efforts. It would also help the faculty to develop resources to assist in their teaching and for possible online delivery of some classes.

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