Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Video about Microphones

Sometimes the stuff you do that is least technical gets the most publicity. That seems to be the case of my recent video on Microphones for Screencasting. Based on discussion from the ScreenCasting Handbook Google Group and from ShowMedo, I decided that I needed to buy a better microphone for screencasting.  With prompting from Ian Ozsvald, I decided to make a short video highlighting the differences between low cost microphones.  So I borrowed a microphone from a colleague that was in between my old, bad microphone and my new, pretty good microphone and made a video.

Since making the Video, I discovered that the newer version of Audacity has a better noise removal tool, which would have done a better job than the one used in the video.  My voice is somewhat low and since my new microphone has a much better frequency response, so it with the noise removal tool it has some echo sound and sounds too low in places. 

I've been getting lots of good comments on my ShowMeDo posting, so I decided for fun to also post it on YouTube, to see if anyone notices it.  Here it is, my first video posted to YouTube ...

As part of the discussion about Audio in the ScreenCasting Google Group, Ian decided to also post one of my videos. It is a slightly more technical video. My new microphone is used to record it. I sure wish I had used the later version of Audacity to remove the noise.   He is also going to post another version of the same content, which has really bad audio and is just all around, not as good.  Glad he likes my new one, but it's a little funny having the other video pointed out as an example of what not to do.  I don't mind though, if it can help others learn about how to produce good screencasts.  So here is my second YouTube Video.

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