Thursday, November 5, 2009

Call for updated list of USB Microphones that work with Linux

I made an unexpected discovery today.  I brought my laptop running Ubuntu Linux to work that I normally leave at home.  Just for fun, I borrowed my colleague's Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB microphone and plugged it in to my Ubuntu laptop.  It worked right away! This surprised me.

A few months ago when I bought my Samson C01U (which I'm very happy with),  I looked all over the Internet for information on which USB microphones work with Linux and which do not.  I found several warnings that only a few USB microphones work with Linux.  One reason for buying the Samson was that I found some web pages where others reported success using it with Linux.  This latest discovery has me wondering what other USB microphones actually do work with Linux.

If you have first hand experience with USB microphones (or USB mixers) either working or not working with Linux, please send me the make and models of those and I will collect a list and post to a web page.  Also, if you know of other web pages with this information, which is believed to be accurate, let me know. Any one have contact with any one that works directly with the Linux USB sound (ALSA) drivers?

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